Interviews & Media Appearances

I consider sharing my knowledge with the public and intervening in real world problems to be the most important part of my job as an academic. See the links below for selected interviews with me in news articles, videos, podcasts, and radio documentaries.


The Dangerous Game: Gamergate and the

In 2016 I was chosen by the CBC to make an hour long documentary about my research with CBC Ideas that was broadcast nationally on multiple occasions. The accessible documentary is perfect for the classroom as it starts with questions as simple as ”what is online gaming?” and builds up to complicated questions about games culture such as: “how did games scholars predict the election of Donald Trump?”


First Person Scholar: Publish with Purpose

In 2016 I was chosen as one of 25 finalists in the 2016 SSHRC Storytellers contest for my three minute video about First Person Scholar and academic publishing. I then went on to give a live presentation of the same talk at Congress in 2016 winning the second level of the competition as well. This video asks: what is the purpose of publishing? Is it to share research? Or is it simply to not perish?


Crisis of the Toxic Nerds: How Men Ruined Nerd Culture and Made Gaming
a Toxic Place for Everyone Else

A 2018 podcast/radio documentary by Built to Play CJRU 1280 AM that looks at toxic “nerd” cultures with two episodes focusing on gaming specifically. I am interviewed at length in these two episodes which ask “what does toxic masculinity in games look like and what can we do about it?”